We Are Moving On January 7th, 2019!!

December 28th, 2018

We Will Be Moving To A Bigger Space Starting January 7th, 2019.

We are so excited to announce that we have finally secured a space for our MNunes BJJ family to grow into.  It has been our dream since opening the gym 2 years ago to get a space that we can call home.

We would first like to thank everyone who has supported us and been so loyal to us through this adventure.

We will be moving just down the street from our current location to 1151 Heritage Rd., Burlington, ON L7L 4Y1 on January 7th, 2019.

Business will run as usual at Burlington Fitness and Racquet Club until December 31st, 2018, just show up at our New Location on January 7th, 2019.   MNunes BJJ will be closed from January 1 – January 6.  Please take a look at our schedule for our Holiday Schedule.

Here are some exciting changes and improvements that we are making at our new location:

  • Brand new, state of the art tatami mats with cushioned subfloor.
  • Over 1000 sq ft of Jiu Jitsu mat space.
  • Over 1000 sq ft of Strength and conditioning area with programming designed by Radix Performance Centre.
  • Men’s and woman’s change rooms with showers.
  • Front reception area with supplements, coffee and refreshments.

We are so proud of our MNunes BJJ family and the support and encouragement that our members show toward each other.  We can’t wait to continue these ideals and our sense of community at our new location (Castelo Do Jiu Jitsu, Castle of Jiu Jitsu).

New Strength and Conditioning Program by Radix Performance Centre.

We are so excited to be able to provide a strength and conditioning program for our members at our new location, starting in January.

We are partnering up with Daniel and Rachael from Radix Performance Centre in Oakville, which is one of the premier Crossfit and fitness gyms in Halton, using their programming and support which is world class and designed for all skill levels.


Daniel is one of our members and also one of the top trainers in the country.  His passion and commitment to fitness and health is evident from the success of his gym, his members, his athletes. and himself.  Daniel will be programming our strength and conditioning classes which will be designed for all skill levels, whether your goal is to compete at the World Masters or simply to improve your overall health.

Our Strength & Conditioning Program will be run in small group classes (maximum of 10 students) running approximately 60minutes.  A typical class would look as follows:

    • Dynamic group warm up – 10 minutes
    • Daily Strength (deadlift, overhead press, back squat, front squat, etc) – 10 minutes
    • Gymnastics/Core Activity (plank, v-ups, pull ups, knees to bar/toes to bar, etc) – 10 minutes
    • Functional Workout (rowing, kettlebell swings, box jumps, pull ups, barbell exercise, etc) – 30 minutes
    • Cool down – 10 minutes

These classes are fun, challenging and will be coached by fully qualified and passionate instructors.  Radix programming is designed for all ages, and skill levels and athletic abilities.

We will have a number of different membership options for our Strength & Conditioning Program.  Please fill out the contact form below if you are interested.

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