Coach Michael Salem

Coach Michael started training in Muay Thai in 2007. After long days sitting at a desk, it was the perfect way to shake off the day and get moving. Plus, he discovered that hitting pads was a great way to help maintain good mental health. 

In 2015, Michael became a coach under Kru Warren Lee at Toronto Kickboxing and Muay Thai Academy. As a coach, Michael got to introduce new students to the sport and find ways to adapt Muay Thai fundamentals to all sorts of different body types. He eventually took on coaching the weekend sparring class as well as helping to recruit and train new coaches.

While at TKMT, Michael worked with a wide array of private students, from business professionals to troubled youth trying to get themselves sorted. He was also the go-to coach for adapting Muay Thai lessons into private-school pys-ed curriculums.   

During his time at TKMT, Michael got to train under Five-time World Muay Thai Champion Clifton Brown, Kru Jordan Kravitz, Kru Cristian Reyes, and renowned boxing coach Carlos Varela Jr. among many other great teachers. He also got to train with incredible fighters, such as WPMF World Champion, Candice “Candy-Crush” Mitchell.

Michael is a Blue belt in Brazilan Jiujisu and from the first day he put on a gi, he became a complete addict. Although, he may be a little too obsessed with playing butterfly guard.

Michael is the head coach of the Kickboxing Program at MN Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy. His wealth of experience and enthusiasm has created a loyal student following. Michael’s classes will be sure to improve your cardio, strength and striking skills.

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