Adult & Youth Kickboxing

Our Kickboxing classes incorporate a hybrid blend of traditional Muay Thai, Western boxing, and kickboxing into one unique and effective skill-based self-defense discipline. Classes are safe, fun, and friendly where members work at their own pace.  Classes cater to all levels of skill and experience – from beginners to intermediate, and advanced.

MNBJJ Kickboxing classes improve physical and mental health. Classes develop fitness and skills quickly and easily with its fun, effective, and enjoyable approach! A typical session will see members warming up and working out to music and blasting away at kickbags, Thai Pads, and focus pads to full effect.  There is a strong emphasis on boxing gloves and defence drills. 

MNBJJ is honoured to offer Kickboxing classes to our students.  We will be offering Kickboxing Classes for Adults (15+ y/o) which is included in your Jiu-Jitsu monthly membership. This is a great opportunity to improve your fitness, add striking to your defence game, and broaden your knowledge of martial arts.

If you would like to attend our Kickboxing Classes or would like more information please send us an email at

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