Fundamental BJJ

Our Fundamental BJJ class is essential for students who are new to the sport. It’s a class for people who are looking to gain knowledge in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and self-defense. Students practice various fundamental techniques using a traditional Gi, also known as a kimono. This is a mandatory program for new BJJ students which will teach them the necessary skills, so they can safely and confidently take other classes. The fundamental class is directed not only for beginners but also for the more advanced students to practice their basic techniques. After the student has earned their second stripe on their white belt they will be able to take the Advanced BJJ class.

The Fundamental BJJ Program at MNBJJ is the most complete and comprehensive in the Burlington and Oakville area. You will follow a world-class fundamental curriculum which Professor Marcio Nunes has spent years developing and is constantly improving based on feedback and the ever-evolving sport of BJJ.

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