Coach Mitchell Skovmose

Coach Mitchell is a well-rounded martial artist. He is well-trained in multiple disciplines and has dedicated his time to teaching others the art of self-defence. He has a gift for making training enjoyable and truly making a difference in his students’ lives.

Mitchell started boxing in Trinidad in 1990 at the Woodbrook Youth Facility. Then trained/fought out of McGrory’s boxing in Hamilton.  Kickboxed out of Hamilton Muay Thai in the early 2000s.

Mitchell earned his Black Belt in Canadian Jiu Jitsu in 2000 and competed in the Canadian Sport Jiu Jitsu national tournament placing 2nd in 2006, 1st in 2007 and 1st in 2009. Coach Mitchell has also earned his Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Professor Marcio Nunes.

Mitchell made the Canadian sport Jiu Jitsu team 3 times. In 2007 the team earned a silver medal in Jersey, UK. Coach Mitchell was awarded the Most Technical Fighter by the WCJJO in 2007.

Coach Mitchell started training Krav Maga in 2009 and earned his Black Belt in 2015. He received his instructor certification in 2014 and trained with Tony Blauer in 2017 receiving his Personal Defense Readiness coaching program.

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