MNBJJ is Open during the Lockdown for Online Training

April 5th, 2021

We have dealt with a lockdown in the past and persevered.  We are confident that we can make it through this lockdown. It is important to continue our training and use BJJ to keep our bodies and minds healthy.  Many of you were with us through the last lockdown and realized the benefits of practicing at home, working on technique, strength and flexibility.  For those students that are new to the club, our MNBJJ Online Academy has a large library of technique videos, drills and workouts developed by Professor Marcio, as well, we will be streaming and recording Live Classes weekly.  

Online Training Program Features:

  • Basic, Fundamental & Advanced Techniques, Drills, Take downs
  • New Complete Fundamental Curriculum broken down into training days.
  • Attacks, Defenses & Escapes from every position
  • Self Defense
  • Live Weekly BJJ Classes for Kids, Youth and Adults
  • Recorded Live Zoom Class (this will allow you to follow our classes on your own time).  This feature is under our Live Classes tab
  • Daily Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Comment section on BJJ videos

Follow this link to learn more and request a Free Trial

We encourage you to practice regularly at home and take the opportunity to introduce your child, parent, roommate, or spouse to the sport that we love so much.  The bond you will create is invaluable. If you live by yourself, that is no problem either, Marcio will teach you how to practice solo.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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