Great Turnout at our Fundraiser Rounds in Support of The Dream Dealer.

October 27th, 2023

We had a great turnout from our members and raised over $700 to support the children of Haiti through The Dream Dealer Foundation which is run by our good friend Daniel Thiessen from CrossFit Radix in Oakville. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Here is a letter from Coach Dan.


My name is Dan Thiessen, I’m the owner of CrossFit Radix in Oakville.

My brother and I run a Not for Profit called The Dream Dealer ( Over 12 years ago my brother went to Haiti after the natural disasters to help build orphanages for the homeless children and it changed him forever, he came home a changed person and told me he had to do something, so The Dream Dealer was born.

We provide, schooling, clothing, shelter and food for over 100 children, mostly orphaned on a yearly basis. Without The Dream Dealer these children would turn to crime and the gangs that patrol the area which have taken over so much of the streets. We provide them with an alternative and hope.

We do a golf tournament every year to raise money but outside of that we fund everything out of our own pockets. Both of us are entrepreneurs. Every single dollar we raise we send down to the kids.

This year I’ve decided and feel God telling me I need to do something more. So I put out to my members that Ill bike 1 calorie per dollar raised in a 12 hour period, my goal being to raise between $6-7000. I’m trying to raise more awareness in the CrossFit community as I know how amazing that community is. 

Im not taking this lightly either, Im training like an ultra endurance athlete on the Echo Bike right now, as you can imagine 12 hours is no joke especially at the output I want to hit. It looks like to be equivalent of a double century ultra endurance bike race, except I’m on a Echo Bike with no nice scenery haha.

The ride and event is going to take place Sat January 20th from 6-6pm with hopefully a full day of events taking place around me.

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