Saturday, December 28th Adult Rounds @ 11:00am, Donations will be Accepted on behalf of our Good Friend Daniel Thiessen in Support of The Dream Dealer

December 26th, 2019

We will be dedicating our Holiday Rounds to support Coach Dan in his Assault Bike Challenge to raise money for the people of Haiti through The Dream Dealer.  Dan has been an important member of our gym and owner of Radix Performance Centre, which runs our Strength & Conditioning Program.  Please come out and support Dan and his important cause.  By December 28th we will be full of food and family and BJJ Rounds will be exactly what we will need to destress, relax and burn some of those gravy calories.  Everyone is invited to come out to support, donations are welcome but not mandatory.  This will be a day to celebrate with your BJJ family and give back if possible.  We will be providing light food and refreshments.

Here are the words of Coach Dan on what the Assult Bike Challenge is all about and how your donations will help to support the people of Haiti through a fantastic organization called The Dream Dealer:

So I had the brilliant idea that I would Assault Bike 1 calorie for every dollar raised for The Dream Dealer and the kids in Haiti and I would do it in a 12 hour period and I don’t take this feat lightly at all, for anyone who has ever spent 10 minutes on that bike knows that if you disrespect the machine it WILL bury you!

SO I’ve been training man and training hard, even though I’m recovering shoulder surgery and I technically should not be moving my arm like that for long periods of time, I get on that bike every single day and I ride.

Last week Wednesday I did a 2 hour ride that resulted in 1371 calories, 71000 metres and I figured out exactly how the screen of the machine works. I basically reset the bike lol.

I’m not taking this lightly at all, this training is NOT fun, its NOT sexy, there’s NO heavy weights or FAST Fran times, its keeping the bike going between 58-60 rpm for hours and hours at a time. Long and Boring and makes my quads hurt.

YOU guys have been so amazing and the donations have piled in!! I can’t tell you how happy this makes my brother Mike and I. We have some big plans for Haiti and how we can help on a BIGGER level and this year we want to buy a piece of land there so we can teach them how to farm it and produce sustainable food for the community, how AMAZING is that?!! We have already found a farmer in Haiti who is doing it on a small level who can teach our people in Haiti how to farm the land and what crops work well in that climate! But land costs money and even though land in Haiti is cheap compared to the GTA it’s still a substantial amount that we have to pay in full, no mortgages available. With the money we raise from this challenge we WILL buy this land and get the resources to farm it.

Here’s the kicker we are at $7300!!!! I have tears just thinking about it BUT I can only Assault Bike about 7000 calories in a 12 hour period, I’ve done the math over and over and I believe its my capacity and thats pushing it to the extreme.

WE don’t want to stop the fundraiser, we need to raise more and my brother Mike who started The Dream Dealer and hasn’t worked out in the last 2 years is hoping in along side me and he’s going to ride and we will ride together for those kids and the idea that there is HOPE in a world where so many feel hopeless.

We can do more, I will ride and ride and Mike is going to ride so we can handle more together and we can make a HUGE impact in a place that is pure devastation.

So don’t stop everyone, tell your friends and keep the donations coming, we can do MORE! Please watch and share this YoutTube video about what we’re doing

It means the World to us and even MORE to those Kids.

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