MNBJJ Reopening Strategy

May 29th, 2020

Our Members, Our Family

At MN BJJ Academy, the safety of our students and their families is our number one priority. We are working hard with local officials to determine a safe Reopen date and we are hopeful that this will be sometime in the next 4 weeks.
Exiting the COVID-19 lockdown and resuming on-site training must be pursued with caution while complying with strict social distancing guidelines and elevated sanitation protocols.

The evolving restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 environment cannot prevent us from pursuing our objective of bringing Jiu-Jitsu to everyone.
We must continue to adapt and innovate to keep our students connected, minimize the interruption of their learning, and, in doing so, be able to preserve our school.

Please read our detailed PDF version of our MNBJJ Reopen Strategy here:

Please take a few minutes to fill out our Member Survey. Your opinion and advice our vital to the Reopening of our gym.

Phased Approach To Reopening

Based on Provincial Guidelines

  • Lockdown: At Home Training through our MNBJJ Online Platform.
  • Phase 1 (Current): Continue at Home Training through our MNBJJ Online Platform. Prepare to reopen.
  • Phase 2 (Coming Soon): Non-Contact/Family Contact Training at the gym and continued online training at home.
  • Phase 3: Minimum Contact Training at the gym and continued online training at home.

Phase 2 – Non-Contact Training. Coming Soon

➡︎ ALL students MUST schedule a class ahead of time on Mindbody. NO walk-ins or visitors will be allowed to join class. Individuals in the same household who wish to train together only need to schedule one slot (one slot for up to 2 people). Please cancel your reservation 24hrs before the class to allow another student to take your slot.

➡︎ ALL students, spectators and coaches will be required to fill out our Pre-Training Screening Online Form prior to training. This form must be completed every time you enter the gym. Please arrive 15 min early to complete the form and be ready for class. The form can be accessed using a QR code at the gym or online at

➡︎ The locker room will not be available to students to change or shower in. Students are still permitted to use the washroom. As a result, students must come with the uniform on, and with little to no personal items. Students MUST wear sandals off the mats and shoes in the reception area.

➡︎ There will be sanitation stations set up throughout the gym. Each student and coach will sanitize their hands before and after entering the mats.

➡︎ Students will wait for permission by the instructor to enter and exit the mat area. Students will wait along the perimeter of the mat area, keeping 6ft apart. Students will not be lined up in graduation order, but instead will be directed to a designated training area. At the end of class, students will only bow to instructors and will leave without shaking hands.

➡︎ Students are required to stay in their designated training area where they will practice techniques with a grappling dummy or perform solo drills. Only members of the same household will be allowed in the same training area and to train with one another (up to 2 people per training area).

➡︎ Students are required to bring their own grappling dummy to class if not training with a member of their household. This dummy can be home-made or purchased.

➡︎ Kids who are less than 12 years old must have an accompanying adult from the same household do the class with them (even if the adult is not an active student). If there are 2 siblings, they may train in the same area with one adult. Kids older than 12 must bring a dummy to class if not training with a family member.

➡︎ There will be NO spectators allowed in the gym. Only students participating in the class and the parent/guardian of minors will be permitted in the school. Please limit the number of parents/guardians to one and this guardian is required to participate with their child. When waiting please abide by the 6ft social distancing guidelines.

➡︎If you are feeling sick or displaying any cold/flu symptoms, are considered to be in a high-risk group, recently traveled outside of Canada, or have been in close contact with someone who has or could have COVID-19, please stay home and enjoy our Online Platform.

➡︎ Every person participating in an in-person class must sign an additional one-time waiver.

➡︎ There will be a 30 min transition between classes to allow for adequate cleaning of the mats and equipment before the next class starts. In order to keep social distancing, students waiting for the next class will line up around the perimeter of the mat area, close to the wall 6ft apart. The students finishing the class will exit single file into the reception area and exit the gym promptly.

Please do not hesitate to contact the gym if you have any questions about our Reopen Strategy.

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