Control (Red Level) Training

MNBJJ Training During Control (Red Level) – What to Expect

  1. Stay home if you are not feeling well, if you have come in contact with anyone who is sick, or if you have any doubts. Also stay home if you have any risk factors. We will be streaming all of our classes Live on Zoom, as well as providing our students with an Online Training Platform with a large library of techniques and drills.
  2. Non-Contact BJJ Classes at the gym, focusing on techniques, drills and fitness.  Continued Online training and Live Zoom Classes.  All at-risk individuals should restrict their training to virtual classes.
  3. All students MUST sign up on Mindbody prior to training.  Students can only attend one class per day and cannot cross train at any other martial arts gyms.  A one time additional waiver must be signed. 
  4. Class size is limited to 10 students per class.  Students will be restricted in their training square.  The mats will be disinfected after each class and there is a 30min transition between classes to avoid overlap.
  5. Everyone entering the gym must fill out a Pre-Training Screening Survey every time they come to the gym. There are NO spectators or visitors permitted.
  6. Students must come dressed in their Gi and must wear footwear at all times outside the mats.  The change rooms and showers are closed.  Washrooms are open.  Masks must be worn inside the facility when not actively training.

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