2 Important Principles for BJJ Beginners

May 24th, 2018

Written by Lucas Boyce
Blue Belt with MNunes BJJ
Sheridan College
Degree in Advertising and Marketing Communication

If you want to increase the speed you learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, then you need to pay attention to the principles behind the techniques you’re learning.

During your first few weeks at our Jiu-Jitsu Academy you will become aware of the two most common scenarios while rolling.

You will either be….

In top position attempting to pass the guard


In bottom position trying to sweep or submit your opponent.

(Remember: If you plan on competing in any tournaments passing your opponents’ guard is worth 3 points, while sweeping your opponent will award you 2 points.)

Now, no matter if you are trying to pass the guard or sweep your opponent,

The two principles you need to remember that will help you perform your techniques more efficiently are…

Principle #1: Posture

During your Jiu-jitsu journey you will hear over and over again about the importance of a strong base.

Your base is what allows you to successfully complete a takedown and it is extremely important when passing the guard.


To have a strong base you need strong posture!

When inside your opponents guard keep your back straight, weight back and head over your shoulders.

With good posture it is difficult for your opponent to sweep or submit you.

If you are in the bottom position work on breaking your opponent’s posture down and you will give yourself opportunities for sweeps or a submission.

Principle #2: Grips

Watch any match of top level Black belts on YouTube and you will notice a large portion of the match is dedicated towards grip fighting.

If you have better grips than your opponent it is most likely you are winning the match.

Before attempting a technique you need to win the grip fight.

Break your opponent’s grips and set up the proper grips for the technique you are going to use.

If you are in top position your grips will help support your posture and base.

When you’re in the bottom position your grips will allow you to break your opponent’s posture creating the opening to go for a sweep or submission.

Keep these principles in mind during your next training session and see how they affect your game.

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